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January 2018



Pros and Cons of Being an Online Instructor

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Pros and Cons of Being an Online Instructor


Pros and Cons of Being an Online Instructor

There are ups and downs to being an online instructor particularly depending on if you work for a company, freelance or do it as a business. The flexibility and greater options are one of many pros. However, the stress and juggling of instructing online can be a con. If you work for a company teaching online it is typical to have a set schedule and set classes.


However, if you work freelance or do courses as a business it might function completely differently. Each set up can be unique with its own challenges or positives but many of the potential points of concern or perks remain consistent. Here are some of the pros and cons of being an online instructor.



Different Learning Dynamic

There is a greater focus on listening attentively and being alert. More of a focus on learning without the inherent classroom dynamic distractions. Depending on the class design the students can often work at their own custom pace.


Wider Instruction Options

There is a wider range of materials at your fingertips at a moment’s notice. It only takes a moment to click and pull up a video or app for use. Thus, there tend to be more versatile and customized learning materials. Instructors can get the experience of teaching global students from unique cultures.


When working online you can more easily track and see what students are doing. Overall there is more data and feedback for the instructor and the students enabling a clearer and less assumption filled approach to improvement.


Increased Comfort

There is more time saved and instructors are usually more comfortable working online. Instructors can schedule their own days and have more choices. Also, other than internet and a laptop you can now live and work from where ever in the world that you prefer. If you want to surf you can schedule your work around it and go surf.





Freelance Dynamic Stress

If you work as a freelance instructor it can be difficult to find and keep students particularly if you are just beginning. Developing your own brand or following is a process and can be very stressful. Working as an instructor online means no snow days or surprise days off.


Virtual World

As an online instructor, it can be a con to be stuck spending a lot of time in front of the screen. It can be hard to keep up with membership, forums, quizzes, chats, and email juggling so many different balls in the air. Technical issues such as computer or internet problems now directly affect your livelihood, which is stress inducing. Some things are much more work virtually such as activities and group projects. It can also be harder to connect with colleagues professionally.


Communication and Scheduling Limits

If not carefully managed to have diverse students can mean juggling time zone scheduling issues. Whether you have timed classes or unpredictable ones they can both cause scheduling issues and stress. Trying to keep up with a mass of email or messages from students can be overwhelming.