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Guide To Earning Money Being An Online Instructor



Guide To Earning Money Being An Online Instructor


Did you know you can make great money being an online instructor. If you’re an expert on something, then you can monetize it. A few examples including being good at digital marketing, an expert with Photoshop, a special media maverick and things of that nature. With that said, let’s discuss where you can sell your course online, the pros/cons of doing this and how much you can make.


Where To Sell Your Course

You have numerous ways to sell your course. There really is no best way to do it. With that said, the top ways to sell courses include:


  • Sell via Your Own Website

Assuming your course is already created, the first thing you’ll want to do is find a place to host your website and then download WordPress. WordPress is easy to use and you can create a website very quickly. The end result will be a professional looking site, but do make sure you create a sales page that grabs the attention of viewers.

If you don’t know how to write up a sales page, then hire someone to do it. The same goes if you don’t know how to design a WordPress website. Both are affordable and well-worth the investment. Never underestimate the power of a well-designed website and a well-written sales page.


Once your site is up and running, you’ll want to choose an online eCommerce/shopping cart/payment processor. You can use a company like PayPal or you can use something like Shopify. There are other online payment processors, so do your research on each one before you decide which one to use. Here’s a tip, there are providers who can accept payments on your behalf, process those payments and then pay you via direct deposit or PayPal, so look into using such a company.


  • Udemy.com

Udemy.com is an online marketing place. People go to the site to find courses they are interested in buying. On the other hand, it is also a platform where entrepreneurs upload their courses so they can monetize them. If you upload your course to Udemy and people buy it, then you’ll earn some money.

There are requirements your course needs to meet, but they are relatively easy. In short, you want to make sure your courses are of quality. This includes the overall video and sound quality.


There are many benefits of selling your online courses via Udemy. For starters, Udemy is the largest and most popular platform of its kind and it has a massive and loyal customer-base. The exposure your online course could receive is impressive, all thanks to the reach Udemy has.


Another benefit is hosting is free. Sure, Udemy does take a cut of your sales, but there’s a good chance you don’t need to do any hard-marketing to get people to buy your course. Since hosting is free, you will save money there. When we say hosting, we mean everything from audio files, video files and other types of course files.


Customer support is provided to those who buy your course. You don’t have to do anything when an issue arises. You can count on Udemy to handle problems that involve customers.

Let’s not forget to point out that payments are handled by Udemy. When a student buys your course, they pay the money to Udemy and they process the payment. After, they pay you, which means you can focus on what really matters, which is creating and selling courses.

You’re landing pages will be optimized. This will increase your chances of selling your course. A lot of people have had major success with Udemy, and this is in part due to the landing pages.



Udemy Course Promotion Strategies

Should I offer a free coupon voucher for my Udemy course?


Many course instructors always ask the following question: Should I give away free vouchers for my course when I just launched?


The answer: It depends.

When you create your course you might think the hard work is over. Well, this is not the case! You are just starting out. According to T. Harv Eker you will always need three things to make a business run.

T Harv Eker: Every business needs a production, marketing & distribution manager.


As a course instructor you are responsible for creating and producing your course. Udemy offers every course instructor their wonderful distribution system. They are a market place for education and you have to understand this very carefully. Your course will need to get a head start. This boost is essential to make your course a noteworthy course on Udemy.


Udemy Marketing Team follows top selling courses and is willing to take additional effort to sell these courses. This “kick start” is usually considered as the free coupon strategy. Offering free coupons of a course and hoping the engagement and reviews will come along in floods.You do not need massive free students you need the vital “Few”.


Yes, many course instructors are hoping that if we offer a course to 1000 free students we might receive 7 to 10 reviews. Based on research for every 1000 students 0.7% will leave a review. This might be wonderful right? Well, this is not always the case if the students are free.


What you really need is the vital few. Yes only a few people are essential to kick start your course into high gear. You just need 10 serious students who are sincerely interested in your teaching. This vital few is your “vital FUEL” to boost your course ahead.


Many people on Udemy start with nothing. Just started out follows the path most people took. They see many vouchers for a course and assume this is the way to do it. It is very counterintuitive. Offering free vouchers is very useful IF you just start out. You understand that getting the vital few is crucial. You can offer a voucher to your friends and family and hoping they will leave a feedback. So approach your friends list and offer them free vouchers.


Of course this will not be the case for everyone.

So, the other way around is to give away hundreds or thousands of free vouchers and post them everywhere. With that you can hope and expect a few reviews. However, do not expect much because the engagement level of free voucher students is very low.


Are you creating more courses related to this topic?


The next if will be what will you do after? Having many students can be “useless” but it might give you a great start. Every student that takes one of your courses can be reached with the Udemy Promotional Mail.


This system gives you the opportunity to promote another course to your students.This makes giving free vouchers much more interesting. You can start offering new courses to your interested students. From my personal experience the MONEY is in the LIST. You earning potential will increase depending on the size of your list. The best way to do it is by offering a related course to your students. For example you have an Excel course and now you create another advanced Excel course. This is related and your (active) students will bite. Yes, you can earn on it and there is always at least one sale on this list.


When should I not offer Udemy coupon vouchers?


Imagine you are already having a vital few. Are you a professional blogger or do you have a huge list? In that case there is truly no need for free coupons. Understand the difference between this and someone else who just started out. If you see people who sell a thousand dollars or more on Udemy on the first day, you have to understand something.


When you sell a product there is what I would call a “presales phase/prelaunch”. In this phase you will deliver emotional excitement about a product. People will get excited and will wait for the countdown. This is very easy to do with a countdown. You mail your list and keep them updated. Once they day is there people will buy. In that case you should not offer your coupon for free but charge them the best possible price that your list will accept.


A expert instructor did this very well by offering his course for $199 and charged his list the full price and earned over $7,000 on the very first day.



Should I offer my Udemy course for free?


Let`s jump back and answer the question that matters. Should I offer my Udemy course for free? It truly depends in that stage you are in. Many people are in beginner stage and need to build a stronger web presence. In that case you should consider to post a free Udemy coupon voucher.


Offering a free coupon voucher is not a bad thing.

You might lose the earning on that course but you can reinvest that list in your new course. There will be enough people what will eventually buy your other course. Udemy a market place for education. It is optimize for sales. It focuses just like any store heavily on selling more items.


Udemy will always promote the bestselling item first. The automatic sales will not come instantly. This basically means you have to do something as well. If your course is not the no. 1 on Udemy you have to make your own sales efforts. Offering free coupons for one course is pushing them in a salesfunnel. You have a lead and now it is time to close the deal with a new course.


Does this mean you have to keep on making new courses?


Yes, being an instructor on Udemy is hard work. Udemy needs new products every day. They need to be bigger, better and more. So if you would wonder if you should offer your Udemy course for free with a coupon voucher you now know what to do. It truly depends.


For a starting course instructor on Udemy:


Without A list. Without A popular blog. Without A large Youtube channel. Without A large Facebook fan base or Twitter following. I would recommend to offer it for free.



  • Skillshare.com

Skillshare is a lot like Udemy, but it isn’t quite as popular as Udemy. Nonetheless, it is a great place to use if you have a course you want to sell or if you want to create a course. For what it’s worth, Skillshare is extremely popular and easy to use.

One of the best things about Skillshare is anyone can create and upload a course to the site. However, there are publishing guidelines, which are easy. If your course falls within the guidelines, then you can sell your course via Skillshare.


Like Udemy, Skillshare handles payments. Not only that, but they have an array of resources for creators, and this includes the Teacher Handbook. When you look at the handbook, you’ll learn a lot, such as how to build and create a great class. If you have any questions, then you can ask the team at Skillshare and they’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.


According to Skillshare, you can earn an average of $3,000 per year. This might not seem like much, but you have the opportunity to make much more. The key to success with Skillshare is to promote your course as much as you can.


  • YouTube

A lot of people don’t realize this, but you can make good money by publishing courses using YouTube. Sure, you don’t actually sell your courses directly, but you can earn other ways, with the main one being Adsense. The way it works is simple, you join YouTube and upload a course/courses and signup for Google Adsense. The more views and clicks you get, the more money you’ll make.


The hard part is generating enough views to make good profits with your courses. One thing you can do is create an extensive course, but break it down into sections or even via separate videos. Each video should be short and to the point, because if your videos are too long, then people might lose interest. As a general rule of thumb, put in as much effort into your YouTube videos as you would if you were actually charging people to access your videos.


Spread the word about your YouTube videos via social media. Use the most popular sites such as Reddit, Facebook and Twitter, but find 2-3 lesser known social media sites and spread the word on them. The more your market and promote your channel, the more viewers you’ll get.


The Pros:

  • There are two main pros of selling online courses or using YouTube to generate revenue. The main benefit is passive income. It may take a bit of time, but eventually you could receive revenue on a regular basis.
  • Another benefit is multiple streams of income. You can continue earning via selling your course, but then you can venture out by turning one of your books into a course or you can create a video-only or text-based only version of your current course. These are only a few examples of what you can do.


The Cons:

  • You have to create a marketing plan if you want to succeed. Not only that, but it is difficult to make money if you don’t have a few initial eager buyers. Furthermore, your pricing strategy needs to be up to par because if it isn’t, then you won’t make as much money as you should or people won’t buy your course at all.



How much can an online instructor made

How Much Can Online Instructors Make


This really depends on the platform you use, your marketing plan and the type of course you are promoting.


  • On Skillshare, around 20% of instructors were earning more than $1,000 per month, while around 15% earned more than $10k per month.
  • On Udemy, there are instructors who have made thousands per month. You can visit Udemy’s website or Skillshare’s website to find out more about the success stories.


Do you want to make good money? Do you want to create a course or already have an online course? If so, then become an online instructor and start your journey today.